Re: release notes pimping

On Tue, 2003-07-29 at 11:40, Glynn Foster wrote:
> Hey,
> > Hrm, are we really 'Enterprise Ready' yet? Perhaps that's something to pimp
> > for 2.6 -> feels a bit uncomfortable just now.
> Okay, I'll admit that 'Enterprise Ready' is a bit of a buzz word, but
> seriously folks, we've just managed to get GNOME on 80,000 desktops in
> Extramadura. That's a metric fuckload. That has a pretty strong message
> to me, and it's not just about the cost. I guess I need some time to
> think it over a little.

A buzzword like 'Enterprise Ready' suggests we've done something in 2.4
to become more enterprise ready than we previously were. And we're just

Besides... seriously, given a choice between


I'd lean towards the second one. These are community release
announcements, and yes, they should be organized and impressive, but
yes, they should also reference pants, or octopi. 

Perhaps we could get the Queen to write them?


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