Re: cursor themes, XFree86-4.3 and the mouse dialog

On Sat, 2003-07-26 at 09:30, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Vincent van Adrighem">

> > in which GNOME does not have support for X 4.3 cursors. That's not really
> > what we'd want, is it?
> But.. if that's what we'd wanted, it would've gone in sooner. :-)

Not to mention people can always just patch their 2.4 sources if they
really want the feature that bad.  (Hell, I know I'd patch them if a
patch existed.)  We all know if Ximian/Redhat/whoever thought the
feature important enough, they'll just patch their releases.  Who
actually runs stock GNOME these days anyway?  ;-)

Yay Open Source.  ^,^

> - Jeff
Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com>
AwesomePlay Productions, Inc.

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