Re: A desktop framework/daemon

> My opinion is that a lot desktop-things could be like a service :
>  - The list of open windows (for taskbars)
>  - The current song playing in your audio application (and the available
>    songs)
>  - The people who are online at this moment (msn, AOL, Yahoo, IRC, ...) 
>  - Your E-mails
>  - The history in your browser and bookmarks
>  - ...

We (Epiphany project) are badly feeling the lack of such technology. There are
at least three cases where having something like what you are proposing would have been
a great help.

You can have a look to the problems sharing bookmarks/history in a different way would have
caused on this bug:


Sharing of bookmarks between free desktops
I talked with KDE bookmarks mantainer and we couldnt find a decent way to do sharing apart what
you are proposing now.

At least for the last reason I think we should make sure that the frameworks is shareable between

Anyway, I really hope to see this happen :)



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