XKB: 4.3.0 vs 'classic' X servers

Hi all

I put together a document explaining why XFree 4.3.0 is so all-important
for proper XKB configuration management. I know, there is a long way
till 2.6 - but at least all interested people could start thinking about
the issue. The document is accessible at
http://gswitchit.sourceforge.net/xkbconfig.sxw (people without OOo -
please do not kill me). Any comments/questions are be highly welcome. I
would be especially grateful for sentences like "we need it, so yes,
let's skip old stuff" or "no, this is bullshit, noone needs these
features" (though I know the latter is not true:). But these sentences,
definitely, should be made by people who really read and understood the



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