Re: 524 open PATCH bugs... eek

<quote who="Alan Cox">

> > > Luis 'loose patches sink releases' Villa
> > "When You Ignore Bugzilla, You Code With Hitler"
> So if I put "where the **** is the new website" into bugzilla you'll jump
> and fix it

Well, as it happens, writing bug reports about the current website (stuff we
need, what's hard to find, etc) will help *enormously*, but no one has
bothered doing it despite many requests in the past. So yeah, bugzilla away!

(If someone is inspired to start, perhaps we should add a component or
keyword so we can sanely manage them later...)

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
     "I don't even understand offside so I'm not likely to understand a
                 Manchester United contract." - Posh Spice

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