RE: gnome-hello: strange scrollkeeper errors.

> From: Malcolm Tredinnick [mailto:malcolm commsecure com au] 
> >
> Hmmm ... didn't know about that directory. It seems odd to have it,
> since scrollkeeper releases are done through sourceforge. 

Is there any particular reason for this? Pretty much all the modules:
should be using gnome's cvs, etc.

> Still, no harm
> done: I'll drop new tarballs in there as they get released. It isn't
> really a good idea to think of scrollkeeper as being on the GNOME
> release schedule; particularly because it has languished as 
> more or less
> unmaintained for a while, so it's taking some time to fix up the more
> serious problems.

Thanks for your efforts, of course.

> I'll try to find time to fix it up early next week if nobody 
> gets to it
> before then. It should be pretty simple. Sounds like those makefiles
> haven't been updated since the late 20th century though. 
> Anything still
> referring to sgmldocs.make is way out of date.

That would be cool. Bear in mind that I'm trying not to make gnome-hello
rely on gnome-common because avoidance of gnome-common seems to be the way

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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