Re: gnome-hello: strange scrollkeeper errors.

On Wed, 2003-07-16 at 23:33, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> I'm getting odd scrollkeeper errors when distchecking gnome-hello [1]
> I get _lots_ of these errors:
>   Cannot create log file: ${prefix}/var/log/scrollkeeper.log : No such file
> or directory

By the way, this particular error is now fixed in scrollkeeper (not
substituting ${prefix} at the right moment). It will be in the new
release in a couple of weeks.

> I remember seeing these with an old version of GTK+ but I don't know what
> the solution was.
> Then I see a _lot_ of things like this:
> /home/murrayc/cvs/gnome2/gnome-hello/gnome-hello-2.0.2/=inst/var/scrollkeepe
> r/index/253
> /home/murrayc/cvs/gnome2/gnome-hello/gnome-hello-2.0.2/=inst/var/scrollkeepe
> r/scrollkeeper_docs
> and then a simple, mysterious
>   make: *** [distcheck] Error 1
> I would appreciate any advice. Everything is in the gnome-hello module if
> anyone would like to investigate. The ChangeLog might be relevant.

You probably want to copy the makefile fragments omf.make and
xmldocs.make from gnome-common/doc-build. They are the most up-to-date
(and allegedly bug-free) versions of the docs build stuff we have. I
cannot remember if the exact problem you are seeing are fixed by those,
but I fixed a number of build and distcheck bugs in them.

You can just copy the fragments into whichever directory you like and
then incorporate them into the normal docs build.


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