Re: Totem with GStreamer backend

On Thu, 2003-07-10 at 18:44, Julien MOUTTE wrote:
> Hi Gnomers :)
> For those of you running a RedHat 9 system you can now try very easily
> Totem video player with GStreamer backend thanks to Matthias SAOU
> ( who made some nice packages...
> They are available through apt or
> There is a wrapper script so that you can force using xine backend
> version if you want.
> Feedback highly appreciated,

Well well well... I've just tried it on my RedHat 9.
If I launch totem without any file, it works. But when I try to play
anything, my CPU goes craz and I have to remove the power cable :( By
the way, the video doesn't start, it just does nothing. I can move the
mouse cursor (even if it hardly responds) but I can't click on anything
and the keyboard doesn't seem to work anymore. CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't work

I have the same behaviour if I try to play an Audio CD without having
any CD in the driver. So I guess it's not due to the playback itself but
to something performed just before trying to actually play.

Any idea ?

> Cheers,
> Dolphy

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