Re: Greatest Common Factor [Was: GNOME Nirvana]

<quote who="Luis Villa">

> 'greatest common factor' is supposed to be a sound-bite sized way of
> describing 'what we are aiming at.' But I for one couldn't tell you
> exactly what it means, and it seems clear from this thread that others
> can't tell you or are confused as well.
> Basically, if the goal of 'what should be in the desktop' can't be
> explained in one simple sentence, it probably (though not definitely)
> needs re-thinking. I don't think GCF can stand on that- each of those
> three words needs a sentence on it's own, as far I can see :) If I'm wrong
> about that, please let me know; I do want /some/ simple goal and standard
> that I can easily explain to everyone.

Yes, it is a shorthand way of describing the point. There has to be further
explanation, that's only natural. Read your own GEP 10, and my modules
analysis page for more about what GCF means. Perhaps the concept needs its
own page, but it's been discussed before, and largely accepted / agreed on.

Three words aren't going to acceptably describe any large, amorphous concept
adequately. :-)

- Jeff

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