ABI breakage in libcroco

Hi all,

I've just discovered libcroco 0.2 is not ABI compatible with 0.1..

I know libcroco is not (yet) part of the platform and therefore is not
supposed to be ABI backward compatible with older release ... BUT since
it is used by librsvg and SVG are becoming more and more used in GNOME
(well, librsvg is required for nautilus ...), it would be great if you
could, for next release, remember to bump library SONAME major so all
people can see next release is NOT ABI compatible with older versions..

So, this is a remimber for all people developing libraries for GNOME
desktop release (and for everybody else too), please, try to keep ABI
compatibility or at least, remember to bump major in SONAME..

Thanks in advance..
Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandrakesoft com>

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