Re: Final Modules List for the GNOME 2.4 Desktop Release

 --- Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote: > Morning everyone,
> Hooray! Here is the final modules list for the GNOME 2.4 Desktop
> Release!
> It was a very tough process, as anyone who watched the d-d-l
> threads knows,
> because all of the modules proposed for inclusion are top-notch,
> brilliant
> pieces of GNOME software. Regardless of their status in the Desktop
> release,
> just about everyone will be using them anyway. :-)
> A complete list of the Developer Platform and Desktop modules can
> be found
> under the 2.3 start page:
> We'll update GEP 11 with this list, and additional rationale for
> included
> modules soon.

couple of queries on this.

I noticed that pango has now branched - any ideas when?. I'm still
building on head.

I knew about bonobo-activation, but not linc disappearing. Would it
be an idea to announce things like this here?

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