REMINDER: Tarballs due for 2.3.3 (2.3.4 in disguise)


Just a reminder about this week's release: Tarballs are due! :-) And next
week's UI freeze on July 7th. Only UI Review fixes are allowed beyond that
point until the hard UI freeze on August 4th.

  TARBALLS DUE: Now! :-)

  UI FREEZE: July 7th.

We'll be calling it 2.3.3, because we're still waiting for the previous
2.3.3 to actually build. I think we can blame the beer at GUADEC. :-)

So hopefully we can make sure all of the stubs/skels problems are avoided,
either through new tarball releases or actually fixing the generated files
in tarballs problems (see Frederic's post earlier for changes
that need to be made).

Modules that need releases:

  libbonobo (Michael is away, so someone on release team will do it if no
  one else does)

  gnome-media (Ted has already been in touch)

  gnopernicus (needs stubs/skels fixage)


- Jeff

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