Re: Spring Loaded Folders - Apple patent

> Even if it would "just be RedHat's problem," it'd also be Debian's,
> Gentoo's, Arch Linux's, Mandrake's, SuSE's, Ximian's, 

Yeah, sure (though at least debian has a way to deal with these stupid
problems with their non-us archive), I mentioned redhat because of havoc

> If GNOME adopts a "fuck you, it's your problem" policy, I'd expect at
> least several distros to adopt a "hah, fine, GNOME isn't part of our
> distro anymore" policy. 

The thing is that nothing proves we are really infringing that patent (I
haven't read it, but I guess it's quite likely), so the decision not to
include this patch would be made only because people *think* it
corresponds to what is described in the patent. I'd tend to consider
that, as redhat has done with all the mp3 stuff, it's up to the
distributors to decide if this patch breaks the patent, and if they are
willing to use it, or to remove it.
And we probably are already adopting a "fuck you, it's your problem"
policy since we are probably infringing patents we don't even know


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