Re: Spring Loaded Folders - Apple patent

On Fri, 2003-02-28 at 14:10, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> > In any case, the issue isn't just whether GNOME would eventually win a
> > multi-year multi-appeal million dollar lawsuit, but whether we want to
> > be involved in one. ;-)
> GNOME or RedHat ? Isn't GNOME only providing source, which is protected
> by your free speech rights ?

I recall this being the subject of a multi-year, multi-appeal million
dollar lawsuit, and without an overly clear resolution...

Even if it would "just be RedHat's problem," it'd also be Debian's,
Gentoo's, Arch Linux's, Mandrake's, SuSE's, Ximian's, every user in a
country who has to deal with the patents and compiles the source, etc. 
If GNOME adopts a "fuck you, it's your problem" policy, I'd expect at
least several distros to adopt a "hah, fine, GNOME isn't part of our
distro anymore" policy.  I'd also expect that if word got out we had
that policy, corporations may be afraid to use GNOME for fear the BSA or
whatnot would audit them and do bad, evil, financial-type things to
them, if their admins slip up and forget to add some arcance, not
intuitively obvious compile-time option to their build.  No fun.
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