Re: GGV branched

I just updated jhbuild to use the gnome-2-2 branch.


On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 12:36, Jaka Mocnik wrote:
> the stable sources that will accompany the gnome 2.2.x releases are now
> found in the gnome-2-2 branch of the ggv module. please, commit
> translations and possible bugfixes that are supposed to be found in the
> upcoming 2.2 releases there. I completely forgot to branch GGV before
> commiting some drastic changes yesterday, so I did it post festum, right
> now.
> I would therefore ask the translators that checked in anything between
> 20h CET yesterday and this moment, to recheck the status of the
> gnome-2-2 branch - at least the thai translation is missing there and
> changes made in the last day to swedish, ukrainian and taiwanese
> translations are missing as well.
> sorry...
> regards,
> 	jaKa

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