Recent KDE advocacy/GNOME bashing

Hey y'all -

I've been with y'all for quite a while now, though not nearly as long as
many... I came to linux on Redhat 5.1, came through Ximian's 1.4, KDE's
3.0, KDE's 3.1, and Garnome/YAGNOBS/gnome-2-snapshots/build from
source/RH8/phoebe... I've read flamefests on both sides and on about
every dork site out there... and I generally consider myself pretty
non-dogmatic when it comes to things like this...

When I first came to usability@ and was introduced to Havoc's advocacy
of simplicity and cleanliness, I was coming to GNOME2 from KDE 3.1...
And, being a "raise-on-focus after precisely 650 milliseconds, edge
flipping, hidden panels" kind of user, yeah, I was skeptical... but
bottom line, y'all have made me a believer for the simple reason that
the GNOME team has put together a simple, clean, intuitive desktop that
"Just Works" 99% of the time... None of the features in KDE 3.1 or GNOME
1.4 made me a better worker... I didn't code any faster, get anything
more done, or make any leaps that I wouldn't have made otherwise...
because that's not what a desktop does... It should (and GNOME2 does)
simply facilitate work... and it's getting better with every release
that I try...

I don't really listen to the KDE flames anymore or even pay too much
heed to the response to Havoc's article on UI design... Because KDE and
KDE's users have made it clear that they feel their desktop
configuration is some sort of personal expression or statement... GNOME
and KDE just value different things... and KDE seems to want the desktop
environment to be more than a systems and work facilitation
architecture... they want it to be more than something that you don't
have to think about and can ignore...

For me, I like the GNOME philosophy of being invisible... I like the
emphasis on and adoption of HIG standards... I like the clean, simple,
invisible desktop environment... and I do more and better work because
of it...

So bottom line, please, keep up the good work... you've made your
philosophy clear and you're not wasting time getting into dogmatic
arguments like the recent KDE advocacy has presented... your desktop is
your argument... and it was all the convincing I needed...

Thanks again...


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little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor 
safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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