ggv string freeze breakage

There has recently been an unannounced string freeze breakage in
ggv HEAD branch:

This seems to be the commit in bonobo/ggv-postscript-view-ui.xml that
caused the three unannounced string additions/changes:

1.29 <jaka> 2003-02-21 17:39
2003-02-21 Jaka Mocnik <jaka gnu org>

* src/ggv-window.c (ggv_window_remove_control): remove control
from the control frame.
(ggv_window_load): create the control hear and resolve the loaded
file uri to a desired bonobo object. this allows for easy integration
of gpdf viewer in the ggv shell.
(ggv_window_new): don't create control here. just reserve a place
for it.

This is the change:

Communication with translators regarding string changes at supposedly
stable times is very important. We're way past doing any unannounced
changes to messages in 2.2 code, even if it should be about bugfixes.
It's not hard to send a mail to gnome-i18n gnome org warning translators
about a message addition; please spend a few seconds doing so after
doing such message additions or changes to string-frozen stable code.


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