Re: HIG patch for the log out dialog

On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 06:09, Mark McLoughlin wrote: 
> 	I quite like the style - but there are a number of issues with the
> terminology I think. The dialog has been through a UI review and I'm
> pretty sure the terminology was discussed at the time ...
Yeah, absolutely. Just quick mochup for global (and spacing) appearance

> 	* You use the term "session" extensively in the dialog. I think the
> current terminology "log out" instead of "end session" and "save current
> setup" instead of "save session" is more clear. I think it would be a
> lot better to avoid requiring every user to understand the concept of a
> "session" ...
True, but I always think "setup" was the chosen logout/halt/reboot
toggle :-( Something like "Remember running applications"? 

Did you mean s/OK/Log out ? IMHO it isn't a good idea: yeah, you logout
when reboot/halt too, but I think better use "log out" in toggle and a
different label in confirmation button (different from "OK" too).

> 	* You have a caution at the top - "all unsaved documents will be lost".
> That's unneccessary - most applications should prompt the use to save
> any unsaved docs.
most but not all :-) But probably you are right

> 	* Is "save current setup" a preference really? It doesn't persist ...
> its just an option for that log out.

The first word in my mind to distinguish between "Action" and "Other", sorry.
...mmmhhh "Other" is not so bad. 

Think bigger

			My uncle

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