Re: Drop shadow madness

Sorry for my stupidity.
How do i merge the changes?

On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 08:40, iain wrote:
> Okay,
> First off
> I don't expect to see this committed.
> Ever.
> It's a hack.
> There's even a hack inside the hack
> Thats how hacky this hacky hack is.
> But I've been using it for a week now
> And I love it.
> It seems to add a modicum of class
> And style to my otherwise dreery drab desktop.
> So I am sharing it with the rest of the world.
> But, like I say
> It's a hack.
> There's occasions where it won't look right.
> And those occasions will never look right
> With this hack.
> I know about them
> I don't care about them.
> If it breaks - 
> Congratulations, you get to keep all the bits.
> And so, without further ado...
> I give you
> the gtkmenu drop shadow hack
> Taadaa!
> (and yes, I nicked the arrays of values off of
>  which means that if you apply that patch to your KDE, then
>  the two drop shadows will look the same)
> Enjoy
> iain
Michael Vanderford <michaelv cox-internet com>

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