Re: Drop shadow madness

On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 13:46, MArk Finlay wrote:
> > > * Maximise a window and click on applications on the menu panel
> > > with the window in focus. The window will now loose focus and it's
> > > title bar's color will change, but the menu shaddow area still shows
> > > the window title with the focused color.
> > 
> > Again, this would require more hacking.  Likely require some kind of
> > evil WM trickery, since what I expect is happening is that the menu code
> > is grabbing the screen image before the WM has updated, and this is
> > tricky to do given they are separate processes (and thus
> > "asynchonous").  Yay X.
> Well, I'd say with some fiddling with the timing we could stop this
> happening in 90% of cases.

And we'd get complaints up the wazoo from users seeing that other 10%. 
Prolly the best solution would be for the WM to let the window know when
it's ok to start with the shadow stuff, but that is a) even more of a
hack, and b) WM specific (good luck getting *that* into Metacity

> > > * Sometimes(seems random) the shadow area is not drawn properly. Moving
> > > between view and edit menus in gedit really quickly, I sometimes have
> > > half of the open toolbar button cut off.
> > > 
> > > I'd love to see if these issues can be resolved. Then maybe we could get
> > > it into gtk :)
> > 
> > Please gods no.  ^,^  Let's wait until this can be done *correctly*,
> > using real X techniques that actually work with a semblance of speed and
> > accuracy.  Then we can have all sorts of goodness like translucent
> > menues and window shadows and fancy shadowy/translucent overlays and
> > translucent/anti-aliased drag-n-drop icon cursor thingies and all that. 
> > With leprechaun marshmallows.  ^,^
> When are we getting proper transparency in X? I know we have transparent
> cursors in the next one ...

When XRender gets around to it, I guess.  I've seen in a few places that
XFree5 is supposedly going to have it - that's a major "yuck," yes. 
Some time on Google will bring find you some more information about the
situation.  If you're luckier than I was, maybe you can find some core X
developer mailing posts mentioning when a first real working
implementation is planned.  (I couldn't.)

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