Re: Build tools standard redux

Havoc Pennington wrote:

For doing the work, the key work is to fix the base of the dependency
stack (intltool, scrollkeeper, gtk-doc) etc. because there's a good
chance maintainers will then do their own fixage in their own modules.

I have almost completed the work to simplify the gtk-doc support Makefiles in various packages. That should almost completely remove problems related to gtk-doc (for the most part, it involves deleting stuff from the makefiles).

Intltool probably works sometimes, breaks in others. That is, depending on which particular po/ you have, the patch intltool applies may or may not pass distcheck. At the moment, it seems that the patch it applies for the glib-gettext fails on srcdir!=destdir builds (so it would probably fail for automake 1.4 too, though I haven't checked it). I don't think there are issues with the @INTLTOOL_*_RULE@ substitutions.

For scrollkeeper, we need to decide what the correct behaviour should be. If we decide that scrollkeeper leaving a database in the install dir after "make uninstall" is not a bug, then we can fix the distcheck problem by defining distuninstallcheck_listfiles in the toplevel (I think this is a 1.7 only feature though).


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