Icon highlighting and a CVS question

(1) Could someone direct me to the location in the panel or nautilus
code that handles highlighting icons. A url to the lxr cvs tree is
sufficient. Thank you.

(2) On another note, I have a question. Currently, i have
stickynotes_applet as a module in Gnome CVS. It has also been imported
into HEAD of gnome-applets. At the moment I have to maintain both
because the one in gnome-applets is for Gnome 2.4 while the seperate
module is part of 5th Toe of Gnome 2.2. Right now I do my development on
CVS HEAD of gnome-applets, and then backport the changes manually to the
standalone module. It's not too much of a pain, but I was wondering if
there was an easier (or automated) way to do this. Thank you.


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