Re: components connecting to session manager?

Hi Mark,

On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 01:12, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> 	So I've finally looked at fixing this. Way to go me :/

	Wow - you are busy ...

> 	Attached is a simple fix ... although, I'm worried that components
>  that don't use libgnomeui will balk at the --sm-disable parameter ...
>  will they, or will they just ignore it ? I couldn't find anything to
>  try it out on.

	I imagine simply ignore it.

> 	The alternative is to add GNOME_CLIENT_PARAM_SM_CONNECT, FALSE to all
> gnome_program_inits for all components. No problem with doing that for
> applets, but looking at libbonoboui its not as straighforward as we need
> to know whether its a factory that's being initialised or whether its
> just a normal application (which should be session managed).

	Of course some apps are activated by bonobo-activation and want to be
session managed; I seem to remember nautilus can be done that way, and
also some of the gnome-media things - some of the gnome-media dialogs
are done that way I think.

	So that would tend to suggest fitting each app (and libpanel-applets).



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