Re: gnome-terminal awfully slow

Luis said, in reply to sri:

> > Ack, too much paperwork.  The proper way is to create a bug in bugzilla
> > that says "fix vte accessability" and put that as a showstopper or 
> > something.  Lets not create more paperwork than we have to.  We have a way
> > to track things and we should use that.
> I love bugzilla. One could even say I'm a little biased about it :) But
> it's not the end all and be all. Given the current situation, such a bug
> should be nearly immediately NEEDINFOd, since there has been to the best
> of my knowledge no testing of what exactly is broken in vte wrt a11y, so
> the bug would not have enough information in it to be useful.

Agreed.  Though such bugs could still be useful to us if, say, we ran
periodic queries for all accessibility-keyword bugs in NEEDINFO state,
that would let the accessibility team know where we needed to assist. 
We don't have a script that mailbombs us with this yet, but probably we


> Luis

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