Re: GNOME-System-Monitor (procman) branched

Op 13/2/2003 schreef "Kevin Vandersloot" <kfv101 psu edu>:
>2.4 Development continues on HEAD and 2.2 development in the gnome-2-2
>branch (module procman). 2.4 will actually have some new features (it
>already has a nicer devices view thanks to Joergen Scheibengruber).


This new devices treeview has introduced a problem with intltool. Well,
actually, the name Joergen Scheibengruber has. The original text is no longer
pure ASCII and is not correctly localisable. You should spell his name with
only ASCII text and use the po-files to add the nessessary non-ASCII

To reproduce the error, just checkout HEAD, go to the po-file directory and
do an intltool-update -m

Kind regards,
Vincent van Adrighem

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