Re: Missing buttons in keybindings capplet

Hi Joe,

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 18:31, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> If you take a look at:
> You'll see the keybindings capplet has three buttons for manipulating
> shortcuts.  However, I these buttons don't exist in control-center
> on FreeBSD.  In looking at the keybindings glade file, the
> buttons clearly are not there.  I looked through CVS, and I can't find
> where they ever existed.  Is this a documentation bug, or am I missing
> something obvious?  Thanks.

	Its a Sun specific patch - and since the Sun docs guys (and gals) did
the users guide, its one of those discrepancies that is hard to avoid
without magicing up some resources from somewhere ... cc-ed
gnome-doc-list, I'm sure someone there will explain better.

	The patch itself is in CVS:


	No bugzilla id with it, no comment on whether or not the patch was
rejected by the gnome-control-center maintainers - all against Sun's
policies for our patches ... Frenchie, what's the deal ? :-)

Good Luck,

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