Re: Icons don't get synced in the panel when they are changed in applications:///


On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 12:10, Christian Meyer wrote:
> Hi!
> I've already noticed that some time ago:
> When I change the icon in applications:/// they aren't synced in the panel.
> Even after killing the panel it's not in sync.
> Is that a known bug/problem?

	There has been some bugs reported about this in the past - I fixed some
of them, I'm not sure whether this was one of the one's I thought I
fixed in the past or not ... make sure you log it to bugzilla with all
relevant info.

	One thing you need to make sure to figure out is whether the vfolder
module is using FAM or doing its own polling - basically whether or not
FAM is installed.

> I noticed that the .desktop files on which the panel relies for icon and other
> information doesn't get updated.
> I don't know how easy it is to fix, but it would be nice if the problem won't
> exist in Gnome 2.2.1 :-)
> Maybe I can help, if you show me where the problem in the code is.

	The bug would be somewhere in the vfolder module or the panel. If
someone knew exactly where the bug was, it would have been fixed most
likely ...

Good Luck,

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