Re: Searching for text in files of different formats

On Wed, 2003-02-12 at 09:38, David C Sterratt wrote:

> So I suppose I've two questions.  Firstly, is it likely that medusa
> will make a milestone in the near future?  And secondly, if not, would
> it be worth trying to use an existing indexer to fulfil the
> functionality in the interim?  

I wish I could say yes, but I don't know how much needs to be done to
get it in 2.4  I was rebuilt for gnome2, but I don't think enough people
have tried it to evaluate it's performance.  The text/* content indexer
is great; I use it every day to find data and files.  

I don't think medusa is doing a good job of indexing outside my home
directory, and I know I'd like to see results from share, doc, and man
from /usr.  I'm working on a bug that is preventing me from indexing
/etc/ under RedHat8.

It wont index application documents/data like doc, pdf, but I can
easilly add those indexers for office apps.  We can also have indexers
read the ID3 tags from ogg/mp3 files.

I believe there is some desire to merge medusa-idled with the indexer so
a that medusa doesn't require a daemon running as root. 

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