Re: gnome-common/macros2 cleanup

> I agree you should able to select your autoconf/automake version.
> (Not that it does us any good until someone fixes scrollkeeper/etc. 
> rules to pass distcheck with new automake)
> > What does everyone else think about this?
> I'm inclined to can gnome-common entirely and move
> somewhere else such as pkgconfig or glib. Really it should just be
> part of "autoreconf" but autoreconf isn't quite right for us.
> (Since the use of glib-gettextize is part of the reason why, perhaps 
> glib-reconf is the way)

I've done some digging on this in the past, and basically the only reason 
we needed glib-gettextize at all is because it doesn't create the intl/ 
directory.  IIRC, current gettextize has an option for it, as it should, 
and I see no reason to keep glib-gettextize around *at all*.  Auto* stuff 
is hard enough as is and doing these sorts of silly hacks makes it even 
more confusing.

So if we have another reason for dumping it, let's dump it :)



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