Re: gnome-common/macros2 cleanup

Hey James,

Thanks for the overview, comes in handy :)

> The common script could probably do with a bit of a cleanup. 
>  The main one is to allow modules to select an autoconf version other 
> than automake-1.4.  While you might consider this unnecessary if we 
> standardise on a single automake version, it will help during transition.
> What does everyone else think about this?

For GStreamer, I wrote some functions in our common bits to 
check and enforce certain autotool versions.

For example, to check for a usable autoconf version, we have the line

version_check "autoconf" "$AUTOCONF autoconf autoconf-2.54 autoconf-2.53 autoconf-2.52" \
              ""; 2 52 || DIE=1

in our, which does the following:
- check each of the given binaries ($AUTOCONF, autoconf, versioned ones) 
  one by one 
- stop at the first one that matches the version requirement (2 52)
- set DIE to 1 if it failed

After that, $autoconf is set to the proper autoconf binary found.

I would really like to add similar ones to so that they 
can be used as well.  For nautilus-media, for example, I did this already, 
because I really need automake >= 1.5

Any suggestions ?



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