Re: Panel configuration

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 22:29, Christian Rose wrote:
> mån 2003-02-10 klockan 23.11 skrev Chipzz:
> > OK, let me get this very straight:
> > Let's say I have my own file manager. This is really not that unprobable
> > that someone WILL write an alternative to nautilus, since there are peo-
> > ple who absolutely hate it. Actually, I have the intention to do so. This
> > is about the choice not to run nautilus. Which you are taking away from
> > me. You are taking away my freedom.
> Oh, please stop it. This is still free software. Noone is taking away
> your freedom to do anything, including writing your own file
> manager/desktop manager with the ability to create panels or anything.

mm yeah. Agreed. And with the new Panel, which should be hopefully
responsive to gconf changes, it should be very easy for any program to
create a new panel.

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