RE: Gtk/Gnome release schedules

Hi Kris,

On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 19:48, Kristian Rietveld wrote:
> Personally I don't like releasing 2.4 as a 2.2 + new fileselector. 2.2
> was 2.0 + multihead and font stuff (which I personally didn't like
> either, but was needed). If we make 2.4 a fast release again, just like
> 2.2, we again won't have time to do other things which we have to get
> done but take some time. As a result those things will be delayed for
> sure, 2.2 also took more time than originally planned.

	Is it possible that the multi-head work was a very large, and extremely
invasive change - that had to be thought through and a big patch-set
pushed through lots of places ?

	Surely the FileSelector, being an essentially standalone, aggregate
widget + a chunk of new API, is a rather different matter ? surely this
can be back-ported (should it be ready), and create a gtk+-2.4 with no
other changes relatively easily ?

> I am afraid that the same situation will exist with 2.6, "oh we really
> need this in gtk+ RSN, please do 2.6 soon!", and I don't think we should
> go there. In the end we will never get some important other things done.

	Sure - that would suck. I'm proposing having a gtk+2.4 that is only the
new file selector API, and _only_ if it's in some sense ready and
approved. That then cannot add much more maintenance complexity and pain
surely ?



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