Re: Help: Crash in gnome-panel

Hi Joe,

I've noticed exactly the same thing: notification area applet is
crashing on logout. I haven't had time to attach gdb though.

There's also a bug where gnome-panel will crash when doing a "make
install" that installs a .applications file (already filed a bug about
that one (#105372)).

This is on Red Hat 8.0 with jhbuild gnome 2.2.


On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 19:27, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> After the recent change to applets/notification_area/eggtraymanager.c, I
> can get a 100% reproduceable crash when logging out of GNOME on FreeBSD
> if the notification area applet is in my panel.  I have been racking my
> brain on this one, and for the life of me, I can't explain what I'm
> seeing.  Attached is a stack trace with some prints to show what's going
> on.  Basically, it looks like the memory is being corrupted between the
> egg_tray_manager_finalize() function and the egg_tray_manager_unmanage()
> function.  Weird thing is, if I check to see if manager->invisible is
> NULL in egg_tray_manager_finalize(), it still calls
> egg_tray_manager_unmanage().
> I've reproduced this on FreeBSD 5.x and FreeBSD -stable.  I can revert
> back to the previous rev of eggtraymanager.c to fix this crash, but I'm
> not sure what other bugs I would be reintroducing.  I'll file a bug, but
> this is kind of holding up my putting GNOME 2.2 in the FreeBSD ports
> tree.  I'd appreciate any advice.  Thanks.
> Joe
Jeroen Zwartepoorte <jeroen xs4all nl>

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