Re: Announcing the GNOME 2.2.0 Desktop and Developer Platform

So when do we get a spanky new web page to go along with it? *grin*


On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 11:39, Jeff Waugh wrote:
>                                Announcing...
>                ==============================================
>                The GNOME 2.2.0 Desktop and Developer Platform
>                ==============================================
> Five months ago, we were only just beginning to recover from the enormous
> task that was GNOME 2.0. We were committed to a six month release cycle for
> 2.2, and after such a long period of development and point-releases, we were
> excited to be working on new features again. We were, as the release code
> names suggested, "Back to the Future".
> Today, we bring you the fruits of our first six-month-turnaround release!
> Not content with mere success, we've managed to squeeze the six month
> process into five, raise the bar for performance and stability and add a
> host of new features and tools to the Desktop. Perhaps this is a dangerous
> precedent!
> You'll find plenty of information about GNOME 2.2.0 in our extensive release
> notes, linked from the 2.2 start page. You can also check out our gallery of
> cool screenshots from dedicated GNOME users and testers!
> The release team would like to thank all of the hackers, documentors,
> testers, translators, maintainers, usability and accessibility dudes,
> sysadmins, companies, artists and users who contributed so much to GNOME
> 2.2. We hope everyone is immensely proud of this release - it rocks way
> hard. :-)
> Whilst you are enjoying 2.2, the GNOME development team will be running back
> to the coalface, eager to work on the next release - in fact, we've already
> started! Stay tuned for more information about the 2.3 development series,
> coming soon!
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>                          it..." - Havoc Pennington                          
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