Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 04:41, Joe Tennies wrote:
> One more thing that I think would help is to start splitting the GTK+
> team from the GTK+ implementation team.  They share some things, but
> they are quite different beasts.  I'm not saying that people working on
> any particular implementation cannot be a part of the design team, but
> GTK+ has some real potential to become a cross-platform widget library.
> Getting it to work on Win32 seemed to be in people's mind as they worked
> on 2.0, but I think that too many of the people start to think in the
> X11 world and forget the others.  Honestly, a good Mac person in there
> would help a lot as Mac chose a much different HiG to Windows and GNOME.

I doubt there will be any real movement to making things possible to
integrate better into the MacOS UI until someone willing and able
to get an Aqua port shows up, and gets something basic working.

In the mean time, there is lots of real work to be done making GTK+
a better toolkit in the places where it currently runs.


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