Re: 2.3 Proposed Features

> > I wonder, can we plan the counters for XSelectInfo event mask for the
> > gnome-panel in 2.4. It is the bug in bugzilla, but is seems noone is
> > going to do anything about it:(
> 	That no-one includes you too, you know :-)
Yes, you're right. But the problems has 2 sides:
- decide WHAT to do
- do it

Actually, the second part in this case is rather straighforward and easy in any 
case (though I have to admin I cannot deal with code gtk/gnome devel at this 
time - I just can offer ideas, really sorry). But the major problem here is 
that noone knows WHAT and HOW to do it. It is not even evident what is the 
right place for the new API: gtk or gnome-panel. It is low-level X11-dependent 
code. So it should be in gtk (well, gdk). But this feature is only specific for 
gnome-panel - no other apps have "many modules with one X event loop" problem. 
So we are stuck at this point. 

I emphasize - the implementation is an easy thing here. Just implement fixed 
number of counters for each possible bit of XSelect call. But WHERE?...



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