Re: control center capplet and directory icons

On 3 Feb 2003, Alex Duggan wrote:

> I'm sorry for posting this to d-d, but I can't think of a better list. 
> I would like to clean up gnome-control-center so that it install of all
> it's icons for .desktop and .directory files to one location.  Currently
> some are installed in $prefix/share/pixmaps/ while some are in
> $prefix/share/control-center-2.0/icons/ .  I don't see any need for this
> duplication and the icon for the advanced directory doesn't currently
> work because it's looking in the wrong location.
> Which directory should these icons be installed to?

What sort of icons are these?

With the new icon theme spec application icons are supposed to be 
installed in the "hicolor" theme, plus in any other theme you have 
icons that match.

The hicolor icon theme "template" (the dirs and index.theme file) is 
availible at
and is really a sort of dependency for the libgnomeui theming stuff, 
although not much is using it yet.

Inside the theme dir application icons go in "48x48/apps", and in other 
size dirs if you got more icon sizes.

Using the theming system to theme other application-specific icons, such 
as icons used in the UI isn't recommended yet. There are some issues that 
need to be resolved on where to install these. If they go in the "gnome" 
theme there will be problems with themes not iheriting from "gnome", and 
at the moment there are some reasons to not do that.

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