Re: bug-buddy branched

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 11:08, Fernando Herrera wrote:
> >Is this possible with the current bugzilla architecture/server? It would
> >be really cool if it were. Then you'd have a common/generic/easy way for
> >applications to access/query/modify bugzilla (like what Amazon did for
> >their own product database, and Google for their search engine).
> 	No, SOAP in bugzilla will be really cool, but this would be
> bugzilla development, and this is another story :)

It is coming, though. Of course, we still haven't upgraded, which is yet
another story. :/

> 	My idea for bug-buddy was to write the bug in xml, send it to a
> mini cgi that read this xml and send it to import.xml

Another forked piece of code that we need to maintain and upgrade. :/

> 	Sending the bug info via http is the only solution that I see
> for the current mail problem: we cannot spawn an external mailer with a
> long body (stack traces are long) because the unix command line
> limitation. We cannot run a mailer with a pre-written file (maybe I
> heard something about evolution?).

There is something to do this in evo 1.2.2, IIRC, but I think it only
works for attachments, not bodies.

> 	In the other hand, a good point of using http is that we can
> requiere the user to have a valid bugzilla account... do we want this? 

I think we do, unless it is a raw stack trace. 


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