Re: [Usability]ui review

On Sat, Feb 01, 2003 at 01:02:01AM +0100, Christian Meyer wrote:
> usability persons in charge and developers. gnome 2.2 is
> making nice progress and we are all looking forward to the final day of release
> to satisfy all the happy users with the new gnome. i made a little conclusion
> of some critical aspects about current GUI state within certain gnome
> application. so please allow me to point you to this page to read more about
> it. i'd like to encourage you to read this.

To correct one point, the purpose of the libegg toolbar is to replace
the others, by becoming the official GTK toolbar. That's the only
solution to toolbar problem. The GAL/bonoboui/whatever toolbars just
need to be terminated.

Most of the other points are just a matter of getting out Glade and
making apps conform to the HIG; anyone is welcome to work on this.


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