New panel features in 2.4

	Taking a leaf out of Dave's book, here's a summary of the new features
in the panel for 2.4:

  * All the old panel types have been replaced with a single panel type
    which can be configured to behave like the old types:
      + You can move and resize the panel using the keyboard
      + The panel can be any arbitrary size
      + Grab handle on floating panels
      + No bevel at the screen edge
  * Substantially re-worked GConf setup. Notifications work for most
    things, all keys are documented and have schemas associated with
    them, no longer use silly identifiers for panels.

  * Features are correctly disabled when the associated keys are
    locked down in GConf.

  * The global keybindings for the panel are not handled by the panel
    anymore. It is expected that window managers will handle these
    keybindings and invoke the actions using the protocol described in
    doc/gnome-panel-action-protocol.txt. This is currently implemented
    in Metacity.

  * A new property dialog for panels and drawers.

  * Completely re-written Run Application" dialog.

  * Support for "partial width struts" to greatly improve usability on

  * Alt-F1 pops up the menu from the Menu Bar or Menu Button instead of
    at the current mouse location.

  * Main Menu now has accelerators.

  * Bigger icons in the Main Menu.

  * Ability to lock applets to the panel.

  * The Panel and all applets are now Fitt's Law compliant. (You can
    click on them at the very edge of the screen).

  * Applets no longer change positions when their size changes.

  * The "Window Menu" and "Menu Bar" applets from the old Menu Panel are
    now separate, moveable applets.

  * Calendar for the clock applet.

  * "Force Quit" button.

	Many people have contributed to the development of the panel for 2.4 so
far, but I think the following people deserve special thanks:

  * Dennis Cranston for his tireless work making the panel HIG

  * Frank Worsley for the re-write of the run dialog and re-organizing
    the "Add to Panel" menu.

  * George Lebl for making the panel properly respect non-writable GConf
    keys along with a other random bug fixing.

  * Ray Strode for fixing a substantial number of serious bugs early on
    in the development of 2.3.

  * Rob Adams for his work on partial width struts not only in the
    panel, but also in the EWMH specification and Metacity.


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