Re: New nautilus features in 2.4 - startup notification

On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 02:44, Dave Camp wrote:
> * Startup notification support when launching files

Gah. This still needs some app support which I was supposed to push
forward but never did. Basically, applications that want startup
notification in nautilus need to add a line saying


to their gnome-vfs application-registry entries. (those
$modulename.application files that end up in
$prefix/share/application-registry) Desktop modules that really want to
do this includes atleast

gnome-control-center (actually fontilus)

and anything else that installs a gnome-vfs document handler.
(applications, not components) Module maintainers know better than I do,
i'm just listing the relevant entries that are installed on my box.

Right now you are probably saying "But why? I alredy have this crap in
my .desktop file", which is a valid complaint, but gnome-vfs doesn't
know about that, so this was considered necessary while waiting for a
better mime system. See
for discussion.

I will try to suck less and file bugs soon.


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