New nautilus features in 2.4

John Fleck has been collecting lists of features for 2.4 for the release
notes, and I thought[1] it might be nice for maintainers to send these
lists to d-d-l.

So, here's the list I sent for nautilus:

* The desktop objects (home directory link, trash link, mounted volume
links) are in memory now, they don't pollute your desktop directory. 
The desktop directory has moved from .gnome-desktop/ to the user-visible

* Text-beside-icons mode in the icon view.

* The file property dialog can edit multiple files.

* Startup notification support when launching files

* Improved context menus

* Performance improvements

* Multi-rooted tree view

* .hidden file support

* nautilus-cd-burner integration

* "Keep Aligned" mode on the desktop

[1] Well, luis thought.  But I agree.

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