Re: 2.4 Proposed Modules - 2 weeks left

On Wed, 2003-04-30 at 10:44, mpeseng tin it wrote:
> >Or perhaps neither; especially if the accessibility work in Mozilla
> >doesn't make it into the gecko plugin in time and it doesn't get
> >connected to the galeon/epiphany UI,
> I think including galeon or epiphany in the planned modules for 2.4 would
> incourage the Sun guys to work on it. Probably if Galeon was already part
> of GNOME, they would not have ignored the problem of embedding applications
> when writing that code in first instance.

Although I personally want to see the "standard" gnome releases fully
accessible, Sun as a corporate entity is committed to Mozilla releases
for its products, and so there's no good case for Sun to put resources
towards ensuring the accessibility of a browser it doesn't plan to ship
at this time.

But I do think making the embedding stuff work with accessibility is
definitely the right thing to do, and I think Sun's Beijing Mozilla team
is working on getting it exported for the embedded widget.  Going from
there, i.e. connecting the gecko ATK support into the containing
application's widget ATK tree, seems to me like the responsibility of
the embedding app maintainers, so we should all work together. :-) 

- Bill

> I really dont think it's much work ... the hard part has already been done
> !
> I guess that if modules doesnt meet accessibility requirements, they can
> be removed later in the release process.
> >or if the new Mozilla roadmap stuff
> >will make a big difference later on.  
> What difference could the mozilla roadmap make ? I think it's pretty clear
> that the suggested way to build an integrated browser is to use their embedding
> technologies.
> And I think it's clear Phoenix people are not interested to follow Gnome
> HIG.
> Did we write it for nothing ? The browser is a key part of desktop, it would
> be ridicoulous if it would not follow our guidelines.
> >Maybe it's too soon to bundle a
> >specific browser...
> Can you elaborate on the reasons ?
> (The only reason I see in your mail is the accessibility work on gtkmozembed.)
> I dont think we should delay the solution of serious usability problems.
> As I see it not make a call about a native browser for GNOME (or for better
> for the Linux desktop) we risk to:
> - Discourage people that are very actively working on these projects
> - Not incourage Sun people to get the accessibility work done
> - Keep growing a desktop without a key part of it (and have to deal with
> integration issues later).
> While the worst risk of making a call now, would be to delay the actual
> inclusion a bit, to get the accessibility work done. But IHMO that's just
> matter of interest, it doesnt appear like a particularly long or difficult
> work.
> I think there is a concensus that GNOME need a native browser. Let's start
> to work on it.
> Anyway, I'll try to make this one my last mail on the issue, I hate to advertise
> my work.
> The community need to make a call. I'll do my best to convince you with
> code, rather then with words ;)
> Marco
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