Re: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

On Mon, 2003-04-07 at 01:06, Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> On Monday 07 April 2003 00:55, James Willcox wrote:
> > What GNOME stuff is in XFree86?  If you are referring to the use of
> > libxml2, it is not a GNOME-specific library.  In fact, your much lauded
> > KDE uses it (
> Can you please quote the big black title on that webpage and what you see on 
> all these little square logos ?
> I know that KDE uses libXML, libXSL.. I can leave it out.
> > I just downloaded the source to openssl and could find no GNOME stuff
> > being used there.  What GNOME material did you find?  Same goes for
> > libpng.
> I'm refering to the pkgconfig stuff that someone has forced them to include. I 
> kindly like to have that one removed in it's core source package so that I 
> and other people get the feeling to use something Desktop independant again. 
> Same for the entire pkgconfig crap inside XFree86.

You go after to small fish Ali, there is this one library, originally
made by a GNOME hacker called Richard Stallman. It is called glibc
and not only it is a library part of the GNU and GNOME sphere, but it is
even controlled these days by one of the conspiring companies that
support GNOME. If you want to make a difference you should mail the KDE
developers and demand that they immediately stop polluting their desktop
by using this GNU and GNOME library. 


Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org>

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