Re: Using Gnome Vendor

On 4 Apr 2003, Mike Newman wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 08:07, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > > The fact that the tag is not visible to the user makes the issue
> > less > important, but we have seen it still can cause confusion.
> > Renaming it to > "distributor" can't hurt. This XML file is already
> > out there in the wild, with software (including non-"GNOME official"
> > software) already relying on it. Changing a non user visible,
> > machine-readable XML file schema will not provide a strong enough
> > benefit to offset the pain involved. Then again, and I hate to say
> > it... "patches are accepted". - Jeff
> Filed a bug, attached a patch:
> to make gnome-about understand either 'vendor' or 'distributor'.

If people have problems with existing conventions, they should write a GEP
to chnage it, and not merely complain about it on mailing lists.

> Mike


	Humans love to categorize and organize things. We break up time into
	hours, days and years. Everything has to have a name, a history, an
	understanding of it's origins and must be indexed somewhere on Google.

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