Re: [Usability]Dealing with files in Gnome

> That's a really good point. So the "drop" submenu (or just the items if
> we don't use submenus) will appear only when clicking on whitespace or
> on a folder? That should be easy to do, right?

I was thinking about this again, and while it is sound in theory it may
make the Drop menu item too hard to find. Right now there is a "Paste
Files" item when you click on a file and in the new implementation there
would probably need to be both Pick up and Drop items in both the
context menu for the folder and it's files.

> Yes, I suppose you're right. When you pick things up, you're not really
> "moving" them, per se. You're just "picking up" and then "droping". So
> this is the current design?
> ...          |
> Pick Up      |
> ...          |
> Drop Here    |
> Drop Copies  |
> Drop Links   |
> ...          |
> Cancel Drag  |
> ...          |
> Should we still come up with some other alturnative for "cancel drag"? I
> think someone else suggested "Cancel Pick Up", but is that too many
> characters?

I don't think it's too long, It's a lot shorter than other things in the
context menu atm. So I'd go with Cancel Pick Up.

> Out of curiosity, do you know how an undo would work? Is it just
> remembering the last few options, or are there some sort of file system
> components also? Files in ext2 don't actually have to be moved around
> internally, just relinked to new folders, right? But what about
> cross-volume moving and copying? Do you know who's working on this?

There is apparently some code in nautilus that never got fully
implemented, and there is a bug about it in bugzilla. I assume that it
would work the same way as it does in windows explorer. It's a really
useful thing to have.

Cross volume shouldn't be too much of a problem, just gotta check that
the source volume is still avaliable and if not give a warning.

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