Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

Mozilla Drivers [1],

Your new roadmap, and all of the rationale behind it, is terrific.

There has been a lot of discussion in the GNOME community recently about our
choice of native browser, and whether we need to choose one at all, given
Mozilla's ascendency.

The latest roadmap muddies those waters further by providing a clear path
for native browser support (GRE), and a set of goals for Mozilla-internal
browser development (Phoenix) that gel very well with GNOME's perspective of
and approach to the Free Software desktop. Now it's a far more difficult
argument! :-)

One issue that was not raised in the rationale or general goals of the
roadmap was external integration and interoperability. Whether GNOME chooses
ship its own browser or not, all of our mail/web/composer/calendaring/etc
software should work together.

Mozilla will have to continue dealing with these issues across platforms, so
I would strongly encourage the project to get involved with the Free Desktop
Group <>, and move towards and propose "Free
Software Desktop" standards, rather than integration with "GNOME", "KDE",
etc. This will simplify the requirements on Mozilla's end, and fortify the
benefits of our entire desktop offering - after all, Mozilla is a crucial
element of the Free Software desktop application suite.

GNOME dudes, please have a look at the roadmap and send comments to the
Mozilla Drivers (who are kind of like our release team, in that they are the
project management group for Mozilla) about it:


- Jeff

[1] That is such a cool name. ;)

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
   "If the Internet really wanted to become sentient, it probably could."
                               - Raph Levien

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