Using Gnome Vendor

	Hi, I would like to encourage vendors and distributors to use
the Gnome Vendor tag in gnome-desktop. It's really easy, you only need
to patch gnome-desktop/ to modify:

	It would be great to have here "Red Hat", "Debian", "sun", and
"Garnome", "jhbuild", etc...

	As a lot of people requested it, I've added a distribution tag in
bug-buddy reports (I will appreciate patches for sun,irix,hp-ux and
not-so-common distros). If we add to the gnome-desktoip xml file another
field as "Vendor Release" wewould be able to get rid of this current
distro-autodetection code.



Fernando Herrera de las Heras
Onírica: análisis, diseño e implantación de soluciones informáticas

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