Re: [Usability]Dealing with files in Gnome

On Tue, 2003-04-01 at 07:41, Roberto Rosselli Del Turco wrote:

> I only find it "less than ideal" when you have already opened a file, 
> let's say an image, and you have all those options appearing as buttons 
> in the sidebar: awkward and not very elegant IMHO.

Yeah, it's pretty sucky - but yeah, I don't like internal viewers :)

> Don't forget that you might be wanting to "Listen ..." to a file, e.g. 
> an MP3/ogg song. I believe "Open with ..." has to stay in its generic 
> form because of this and other specific cases.

Mmm, well maybe we could find a sense-inspecific term. But listening to
an mp3 falls into the viewing catagory.

> So you're proposing to have an "Open in the same window" for directories 
> and "Open in a new window" for files defaults? I would like such a 
> chance to handle files/dirs, but it might be confusing for the user.

I've been very tempted to request this option before. But I knew that it
would never be put in, and I don't even want it in really. If that is
the right way to do it then that is how nautilus should work. If it's
the wrong way then I can just shut up or patch my local copy :) 

My main argument for having the above described behavior as the way
nautilus "just works" is based on the idea that nautilus should be a
container for folders and no more. It makes perfect sense in that
context for new folders to be opened in the same window, but new files
to be open in a program designed for that file.

But ATM that is not what nautilus is. Nautilus is a shell - it's half
way between a file manager and a full application desktop. We have a
massive overlap between what nautilus is trying to do and what
applications on the desktop are doing and IMHO we should choose one
direction and go with it. Nautilus tries so do so much *sigh*

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