Re: Progress bar on startup

On Wed, Sep 25, 2002 at 07:58:51PM -0700 or thereabouts, Seth Nickell wrote:
> Hey Jonathan,
> I think having feedback as GNOME launches is useful, though I agree that
> the usefuleness of that feedback is impaired by all the icons rushing
> by. I think what would be really nice, and would create less of the
> "icons quickly flashing" problem would be to use a progress
> bar...particularly if we could get some sort of feedback during long
> operations such as Pango initializing (probably not possible, I know).

Something I would like to retain in any progress meter on the
splash screen is something _really obviously saying_ what stuff
is. For when it breaks. :) 

<bod> Gnome hangs logging in.
<foo> the graphical login, you login in and then get a splash screen?
<bod> yes, and then nothing.
<foo> does it say "starting this, starting that?" or draw pictures?
<bod> yes
<foo> okay, there should be several. what's it hanging on?
<boo> a squiggle.


I'm not sure a progress bar would be any more helpful in this
respect. I would like to keep the names, just because I have
no clue how you get information on how far it's got without
that, particularly in a form you can ask for on irc or in


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